The call for Manchester United to sign players this summer has continued to become bigger, with fans and the club's former players expressing their concerns about the state of the current squad. The Red Devils failed to sign any player in the January winter transfer window, the very first transfer window since current manager Ralf Ragnick took charge. It is understood that United did not sign any player as they were waiting for the appointment of their next permanent manager even though the decision got the fans more impatient. United have not been stable this season at all and they are facing the danger of missing out on finishing in the top four.

Despite having one of the best players in the league, United have largely underperformed and they have also disappointed a lot of their fans as well. The forthcoming summer transfer window is a big chance for Manchester United to revamp their squad and bring in a couple of players to strengthen the team and boost their chances of winning silverware starting from next season. It's not yet clear who the next manager of the Red Devils but it looks like they will be signing a couple of players in the next few months anyway.

The key areas where United are expected to sign players are the midfield and strike departments, especially as there is still a likelihood that they could be losing some players. Their former player Michael Owen has urged them to sign players that are going to be hungry to play for the club as soon as they join. According to Owen, United have lacked the sort of players that want to put their life on the line for the club and has suggested that they bring in those kinds of players after confirming the appointment of their next manager.